2 Reasons You Need To Clean Your Eavestroughs Today

beautiful home with clean eavestroughingDo you have clean eavestroughs? Or do you put off cleaning them until you absolutely have to? If you have been avoiding the job of cleaning your eavestroughs you need to stop putting it off and get it done. No one likes doing it. But they need to be cleaned on a regular basis most experts say that you should clean them twice a year usually in the spring and then again in the fall.  Why is cleaning them so important?

Damage To Your Home

This author had the chance to speak with NICK’S Window Cleaning, a company based in Toronto, Canada who suggest one of the biggest reasons why you need to clean your eavestroughs on a regular basis is that all that water and debris can cause major damage to your house and to your roof. Roof repairs and wall repairs are expensive. They can also take months to complete. Water seeping inside your home from clogged eavestroughs can also cause mold to grow inside your home. It’s much easier to keep your eavestrough clean and avoid the risk of damaging your roof.

Damage To Your Eavestroughs

Another reason why it’s important to clean out your eavestroughs is so that they function the way they are supposed to. Eavestroughs perform an important job protecting your home. But they are attractive places to nest for small critters like rodents, squirrels, and sometimes for birds. If you don’t clean them regularly you may not even aware that some small animals are living up there. Getting them cleaned in the fall and in the spring will make it easier to keep an eye on them and make sure there’s nothing living there.

Also, when your eavestroughs become clogged with leaves and water and other things they can start to sag or even break entirely. You may not even know that they are broken until after your home has been damaged by water. Then you will be faced with an expensive repair or a time consuming DIY project. It’s much better and cheaper to just make it part of your annual home maintenance routine to clean eavestroughs.